Jack Browne and Forgotten Soul thrive on the lessons of surfing from yesterday’s world.  We have a community mind set that celebrates the pure fun of surfing and the wonders of the ocean. We like to sneak the soul back into the line-up the right way, not the wrong. We counter the hustle bustle and snakes of today and quietly get on with our business.

We travel and explore our surfing environment and thrive on our given lifestyle and culture without the bravado.  Our products aim to slot into people minds as well as their surfing collection. A hand made Forgotten soul surf board belong in every quiver and will always be a go to craft never to leave, our Jack Browne wetsuits aim to please and provide thermal happiness without the numbers or fancy codes… and our range of Jack Browne fins are time tested stellar handcrafted pieces of art made by true water-men.

We realise there’s a salt community right here under our skin – for those in it and wanting to join the spirit of the global surfing family, Jack Browne and Forgotten Soul have got you covered.